Cant Listen Live


Are you having a problem listening online?


First, we're very sorry for the trouble.  We love it when you listen! 


In very basic terms, here's what's up.


Our stream can only be heard in the state of Michigan.  


If your "IP (Internet Protocol) Address" is from outside of Michigan, the system will perceive you as being outside the state.  For instance, you may have moved to Michigan, but kept your cell phone number from another state.  This could potentially block you from listening online.  


As you may know, for security reasons many people use a "DYNAMIC" IP Address for their mobile devices, laptop or desktop computers.  That means, as you try to connect, your IP address changes.  


A "STATIC" IP Address stays the same all the time.  But some believe it's more susceptible to hackers. 


If you have a static IP Address and you are in Michigan, you should have no trouble listening online. 


However, if you have a dynamic IP Address, occasionally it may come from out of state.  See below.  





You can see here that a Michigan resident tried to log in, but their IP Address was coming from Maryland and Ohio.  


If you'd like to check your IP Address go to


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.  


We sincerely apologize for any issues this may have caused and we hope you'll turn on your radio and listen all day!





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